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City Council


The City Council represents the citizens and is the city's main political body. It determines the basic principles of the adminis­tra­tion of the city and decides on all matters pertaining to the city, where the Mayor is not by law respon­si­ble for them or the City Council has not referred specific matters to the Mayor. The City Council consists of the Mayor as the voting chairman and, currently, 48 volunteer members (city council­lors). The city council­lors are elected by the population for a term of five years.

Every citizen of the European Union from age 16 has the right to vote in City Council elections. From age 18 they can be elected onto the City Council themselves.

Since the City Council controls the adminis­tra­tion, in practice its function is that of a parliament; legally speaking, however, it is an adminis­tra­tive body: The City Council does not enact formal laws but only adopts statutes which are valid for the city area.

The right to self-adminis­tra­tion is guaranteed by the consti­tu­tion and the legis­la­tive authority.