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Karlsruhe: Welcome

Bürgerbüros (Citizen Offices) in Karlsruhe

The Bürger­bü­ros offer you many city-related services

  • Matters pertaining to regis­tra­tion (e.g. regis­te­ring or de-regis­te­ring residency, confir­ma­tion of regis­tra­tion)
  • Passport and identi­fi­ca­tion matters (e.g. national identity card, passport)
  • Motor vehicle and drivers' license matters (e.g. transfers of motor vehicle regis­tra­ti­ons­/re­gis­tra­ti­ons of motor vehicles, first issue of a general driving license, changes to driving licenses)
  • Appli­ca­tion for an extract from the judicial record (e.g. European criminal record check)
  • Visa matters
  • and more

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Bürgerbüros (Citizen Offices)



Local administrations


Arge Jobcenter
The job centre of the city of Karlsruhe is a working partner­ship between the city and the Arbeit­s­agen­tur (employ­ment agency). It is respon­si­ble for granting Arbeits­lo­sen­geld (unem­ploy­ment benefit) II (basic benefit for job seekers). These benefits are granted according to the regula­ti­ons listed in the second volume of the Social Code (SGB II)

ARGE – Jobcenter Stadt Karlsruhe - Durlach Branch

ARGE – Jobcenter Stadt Karlsruhe - Agentur für Arbeit Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Employment Agency)

ARGE – Jobcenter Stadt Karlsruhe - Rathaus West Branch