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Karlsruhe: Daycare centres for children

Supplement to parental contributions for children in daycare facilities

Am I eligible for a contri­bu­tion supple­ment?

Single parents and parents living in the Karlsruhe region and whose child visits a daycare facility are eligible for a contri­bu­tion supplement.

Does my eligi­bi­lity for the supplement depend on my income?

Yes! Whether or not you will receive a contri­bu­tion supplement depends on your average monthly family income. This mainly includes:

  • Net wage plus 1/12 of Christmas and holiday allowance
  • Mater­ni­ty­/pa­ter­nity pay
  • Social benefits such as unemploy­ment benefit, sick pay, pension, housing benefit, child benefit, children's allowance
  • Mainte­nance payments or mainte­nance advance

My monthly family income amounts to ... Euro. What happens next?

Your income will be compared to an income limit. The amount of this income limit depends on your personal family circum­stan­ces. For instance, factors such as how many people belong to your household and how much rent you pay, play a role in this. But other financial burdens such as insurance contri­bu­ti­ons can be taken into account under certain circum­stan­ces.

What is my personal income limit?

According to the law, an individual calcu­la­tion for each family is required to answer this question. This is why we can only give appro­xi­ma­ti­ons for income limits:

These appro­xi­ma­ti­ons are staggered as follows:

Your family consists of
Your appro­xi­ma­tion is
2 persons 1,532 Euro
3 persons 1,892 Euro
4 persons 2,254 Euro
5 persons 2,622 Euro
6 persons 2,967 Euro

My family income is the same as or even lower than the appro­xi­ma­tion!

If you add up all your income and the total amount is no higher than your appro­xi­ma­tion, you will probably receive a contri­bu­tion supplement. It is therefore worth your while to apply for one!

My family income is higher than the appro­xi­ma­tion!

Even if your income is higher than the appro­xi­ma­tion given, you should still check whether you are eligible for a contri­bu­tion supplement. This is especially true if your family has special financial burdens.

What is the extent of the contri­bu­tion supple­ment?

The exact supplement amount depends on whether and by how much your income exceeds your income limit. You may be exempt from paying the parental contri­bu­tion if you receive, for instance, benefits according to SGB (Social Security Code) II or SGB XII. But you might also receive part of your parental contri­bu­tion as a supplement.

As a general rule The more your income exceeds the income limit, the lower your contri­bu­tion supple­ment!

Where can I apply for a contri­bu­tion supple­ment?

You can file your appli­ca­tion at the

  • Jugendamt der Stadt Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Youth Welfare Office), Abteilung Wirtschaft­li­che Jugend­hilfe (WH) (Depart­ment for Economic Youth Support), Kaise­r­al­lee 4 and at the
  • Stadtamt Durlach (Durlach City Office), Jugend und Soziales (Youth and Social Welfare), if you live in in Durlach, Wolfarts­weier, Hohen­wet­ters­bach, Stupferich, Grünwet­ters­bach, Palmbach or Grötzingen.


Please note:

The supplement will be paid from the beginning of the month in which the appli­ca­tion was made. You should therefore file the appli­ca­tion at the latest in the month in which your child starts going to the daycare facility.


Which documents do I need to bring?

For on-the-spot clari­fi­ca­tion of whether you are entitled to a contri­bu­tion supplement, please bring the following documents above all else with you:

  • Wohngeld­be­scheid (housing allowance certi­fi­ca­te)
  • Payslip for the last six months
  • Rental contract
  • Mater­ni­ty­/pa­ter­nity pay certi­fi­cate
  • Confir­ma­tion from the daycare centre

For benefi­cia­ries of allowances according to

  • Bewil­li­gungs­be­scheid (notice of approval)

For which daycare facilities are contribution supplements available?

  • Crèches
  • Kinder­gar­tens
  • All-day care facilities
  • After-school care facilities

Contact details

For people living in Karlsruhe

Sozial- und Jugend­be­hörde (Office in charge of Social and Youth Affairs)
Jugendamt (Youth Welfare Office)
Kaise­r­al­lee 4
76133 Karlsruhe
Wirtschaft­li­che Jugend­hilfe (Economic Youth Support),
Rooms 011 to 014

Which individual clerk processes your appli­ca­tion is determined on the first letter of your last name:

A - D
Phone: +49 (0)721 133-5187

E - Je
Phone: +49 (0)721 133-5973

Jf - Mi
Phone: +49 (0)721 133-5191

Mj - Schmitt
Phone: +49 (0)721 133-5189

Schmitu - Z
Phone: +49 (0)721 133-5192

Office hours:
Mondays to Thursdays: 8 to 12am
Thursdays: 2 to 5pm

For people living in

Durlach, Bergwald, Grötzingen, Grünwet­ters­bach, Hohen­wet­ters­bach, Palmbach, Stupferich, Thomashof and

Stadtamt Durlach (Durlach City Office), Jugend und Soziales (Youth and Social Welfare)
Pfinz­tal­straße 33
76227 Karlsruhe
2nd floor. Room E 407
Phone: +49 (0)721 133-1979


Office hours
subject to prior arran­ge­ment.

Please call if you still have questions.