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Karlsruhe: Daycare centres for children

Standardised registration and admission procedure at Karlsruhe's daycare facilities

Kindergarten portal

  • Regis­tra­tion period until February 15
    (legal requi­re­ment six months)

  • First allocation of places by March 15

  • Firm commitment from the parents by March 31
    Later cancel­la­tion: if there are no more places, all on waiting list.

  • Second allocation of places: free places after March 31
    Firm commitment from the parents by April 15.

  • End on April 30: free places/no waiting list:
    Inform the daycare info centre.

  • Cancel­la­tion to all parents by May 15

  • Feedback from the parents in case they want to remain on the waiting list.

  • If there is no feedback, they will be removed from the waiting list.

Information hotline

+49 (0)721 133-5133
(Mon, Wed and Thurs from 10am to 12am)