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Karlsruhe: Welcome

Life and work

Want to get to know Karlsruhe? Learn about the city and its districts. You will find tips for house-hunting, infor­ma­tion on language courses, shopping oppor­tu­ni­ties, medical care, child care and much more.

Model project Welcome Centre

Regional Welcome Centre (page in German)


Learning German

Infor­ma­tion on language courses and further possi­bi­li­ties to learn German.

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Residential building


Infor­ma­tion on Karls­ru­he's housing market, rents, tips and addresses.

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Emergency services sign

Healthcare system

Infor­ma­tion on the German healthcare system, health insurance, medical emergency services and more.

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Numerous daycare and after-school care centres for children and pupils in Karlsruhe provide care for children of all age groups.

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The appro­xi­ma­tely 90 public schools in Karlsruhe offer a broad range of education with almost all types of schools, comple­men­ted by indepen­dent schools and the Europäi­sche Schule Karlsruhe (European School Karlsruhe).

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 Parking garage directional sign

Getting around and transportation

Whether by car, bike, public transport or on foot; Here you will find infor­ma­tion on schedules, bike paths, parking garages, fees and more.

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Shop window


Karls­ru­he's main shopping areas are the Kaiser­straße, the Ettlinger Tor shopping centre, the Postga­le­rie shopping centre as well as the Südliche Waldstraße.

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 Map of city districts

Karlsruhe's city districts

Karls­ru­he's 300,000 inhabi­tants live in 27 city districts. Many of these districts were incor­po­ra­ted into Karlsruhe and are older than the city itself.

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