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Karlsruhe: Welcome

Trade fair and transport location

 Lettering trade fair Karlsruhe at night

Trade fair location

With 86,000 m² of conference, trade fair and event space in total, Karlsruhe is excel­lently equipped with event space. Beside consumer-oriented visitor magnets such as the Offerta, specia­li­sed trade fairs such as Learntec, art Karlsruhe or WTT-Expo also pull in an inter­na­tio­nal audience.

Messe Karlsruhe (Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre)

Four light-flooded exhibition halls, 52,000 m² including the dm-Arena, and 10,000 m² of open-air grounds offer space for up to 14,000 visitors.

Kongress­zen­trum (conven­tion centre)

With four first-class locations and 20,000 m² of exhibition space for up to 13,100 visitors, the Karlsruher Kongress­zen­trum is one of Germany's largest convention centres.


This hall is ideally suited not only for sports but also for concerts and events. The Europa­halle consists of a main hall with four segments and has a total capacity of 9,000 people in standing and seating room.


 Karlsruhe city tram next to the TGV of the Deutsche Bahn (German Railway)

Traffic: Europe as a neighbour

Central – this word is the best to describe Karls­ru­he's geographic location. The short distances to the four neigh­bou­ring metro­po­li­tan areas Rhine-Neckar, Stuttgart, Rhine-Main and Strasbourg create optimal conditions for commuters and business travellers in the upper Rhine region.

Foto: Karlsruher Verkehrs­ver­bund (KVV)

Karls­ru­he's good traffic infra­struc­ture is an absolute location advantage. Direct connection to the A5, A8 and A65 motorways makes it easy to reach Karlsruhe by car from every direction. The city is connected to the inter­na­tio­nal airport network via Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Strasbourg. The Baden Airport Karls­ru­he/­Ba­den-Baden optimises this offering.

With respect to railway travel, Karlsruhe is located on the main train line for Europe. ICE high-speed lines directly connect the city to, for instance, Paris, Budapest, Basel or Hamburg. The TGV regularly stops at Karlsruhe Haupt­bahn­hof (Karlsruhe Main Station) and creates an easy connection to the French high-speed train network. Additio­nally, people living and working in Karlsruhe benefit from one of Europe's densest public transport systems. What makes the city tram system so remarkable is the fact that the city trams are connected to the city's outlying environs by the use of the Deutsche Bahn tracks.

Karlsruhe is located on the Rhine, Europe's most important waterway, and has one of Germany's largest inland ports. Via the container terminal, ever-growing volumes of high-quality goods from the region travel to Rotterdam within 24 hours and are trans­por­ted from there to the four corners of the earth. That's the reason for the strong up-draft the Karlsruhe Rheinhafen (Karlsruhe Rhine Port) is recording.


 Traffic infrastructure

 Wing of a plane

 ICE passing through the train station

 Container ship