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Karlsruhe: Welcome

IT and technology

 Technologiepark (Technology Park)

In Karlsruhe in 1957 Professor Karl Steinbuch coined the term "Infor­ma­tik" - IT in short - which has since become a brand label for the entire region. Today, around 11,500 social insurance-contri­bu­ting employees in Karlsruhe work in this sector. The region has become one of the leading IT locations in Europe and is part of the leading federal IT cluster. The growing market for services in this sector offers businesses good perspec­ti­ves for future growth.

Karlsruhe Techno­lo­gie­Re­gion (tech­no­logy region) (TRK)
The TRK is an associa­tion of ten cities, four districts and the Regio­nal­ver­band Mittlerer Oberrhein (Regional Planning Associa­tion Middle Upper Rhine) pursuing joint interests and activities. Its goal is to increase inter­na­tio­nal and national awareness of the region's benefits. For more than 25 years, the fifteen current associates have shaped the success and attrac­tiven­ess of the economic, research and culture region in the central upper Rhine area.

IT research
The Karlsruhe IT region is one of the leading sites for innovation and is Europe's third-largest IT cluster. The Karlsruher Institut für Techno­lo­gie (KIT - Karlsruhe Institute of Techno­lo­gy) is one of the top inter­na­tio­nal IT research insti­tu­ti­ons and legiti­ma­tely comparable to the MIT in Boston, Massa­chu­setts. Karlsruhe is home to the first and largest IT university department in Germany.

Broad bandwidth
Additio­nally, 1und1 United Internet AG runs Europe's largest data centre WEB.DE in Karlsruhe. CAS Software AG is Germany's leading CRM specialist for medium-sized businesses. All that is joined by well-establis­hed and successful IT companies with different focus activities which have their headquar­ters here and contribute to a creative and future-oriented atmosphere.

IT trade fairs
LEARNTEC, the leading inter­na­tio­nal trade fair and conference for profes­sio­nal education, learning and IT also has its home in Karlsruhe. Other leaders are IT Trans which offers public transport solutions, and net economy, the trend conference, which takes place in coope­ra­tion with the E12-Gipfel (an eBusiness confe­rence).