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Karlsruhe: Welcome


 Lichtspiele im Fenster

Successful locations are charac­te­ri­sed by a large number of outstan­ding political, social, ecological and economic conditions. Karlsruhe offers all of these: a solid business structure with strong partners, a large number of skilled workers, proximity to education and research facilities and compe­ti­tive univer­si­ties, as well as good transport connec­ti­ons and a good infra­struc­ture. This is why Karlsruhe is among the leading locations in Germany.

An innovative location for business

Karlsruhe is a flouris­hing location for business. Innovative and science-related businesses especially establish their bases here. More than 220,000 people from many different nations work in the Karlsruhe technology region, and their number keeps increasing.

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Meeting room in "Perfect Future"

Information for skilled workers and executives

Here skilled staff and executives working or looking for work in Karlsruhe receive helpful infor­ma­tion.

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 Consultation interviews

Business promotion and consultation

The goal of the city's Amt für Wirtschafts­för­de­rung (Economic Develop­ment Depart­ment) is to support enter­pri­ses and small businesses on their way to indepen­dence and to advise and support them in settling in Karlsruhe.

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