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Karlsruhe: Welcome

The twin city Timioara

Cathedral Square

History of the city partner­ship

Following political upheavals and upon the initiative of then city councillor Günther Rüssel, the establis­h­ment of a city friendship with Temes­war/Ti­mio­ara/Te­mesch­burg was initiated. Contact was maintained on a broad basis, leading in 1997 to the forma­li­sa­tion of the city friendship into a full-fledged city partner­ship.

About Timioara

Today the city of Timioara located close to the Hungarian border has more than 330,000 inhabi­tants and is the third-largest city in Romania. The city on the Bega River has been connected with Karlsruhe through the bonds of friendship since September 1992, and since November 1997 the two have been twin cities. After the Romanian revolution of 1989, charity organi­sa­ti­ons forged the first contacts between the two cities. This was followed by extensive aid deliveries from the fan city, mostly consisting of technical and medical equipment or medication. Simple aid supplies such as bed sheets and clothes irons, though, also helped alleviate need in Timioara's hospitals and social insti­tu­ti­ons slightly.