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Karlsruhe: Welcome

The twin city Halle

Market Square with the five towers and the Handel monument

History of the city partner­ship

Thanks to the signi­fi­cant support provided by the then premier, Dr. Lothar Späth, Karlsruhe was able to establish contacts with Halle even before German reuni­fi­ca­tion. In 1987 Karlsruhe was one of the first cities in West Germany to establish a city partner­ship with an East German city. Until the fall of the Berlin wall, the encounters were charac­te­ri­sed by careful rappro­che­ment and strict adherence to agreements. Later, the quality and scope of the establis­hed partner­ship would change. By providing practical support to the city, Karlsruhe gave Halle's citizens courage for a new beginning.

About Halle

The over one thousand year-old Halle is one of the old German capitals of culture. Its history is charac­te­ri­sed by a proud citizenry, by prosperity and by spiritual life. For centuries, Halle was an archbi­sho­pric, to which numerous eccle­sia­sti­cal buildings that still assert themselves in the face of modern multi-storey archi­tec­ture in the city today attest. The Martin Luther University has produced a succession of famous thinkers and teachers.