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Karlsruhe: Welcome

Twin cities

 A graphical overview of Karlsruhe's twin cities on the map

Borders disappear. Emerging networks create connec­ti­ons between the countries in Europe. City partner­ships play an important role in this process. The city of Karlsruhe has five twin cities and also maintains a project partner­ship with the Croatian port city Rijeka. Many of these have since become tradi­tio­nal. In 2012, Karlsruhe celebrated its 20-year twin city anniver­sary with Krasnodar and Timioara as well as its 25-year twin city anniver­sary with Halle.


 Nancy, Place Stanislas

The connection between Karlsruhe and Nancy has been in place since 1955 and was one of the first partner­ships between German and French cities. It is still regarded as a model partner­ship today – both cities have received all possible inter­na­tio­nal twin city awards for it.

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 Robin Hood

Following the positive experi­ences with the French twin city of Nancy, Karlsruhe decided to add an English twin city of similar structure and size. The city of Nottingham was chosen.

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 Marktplatz Halle (Halle's market place)

Thanks to the signi­fi­cant support provided by the then premier, Dr. Lothar Späth, Karlsruhe was able to establish contacts with Halle even before German reuni­fi­ca­tion. This bridge built between two German cities has proven to be extremely stable, parti­cu­larly in difficult situations.

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 Krasnodar, Alexander Nevski Church

Existing, long-standing and friendly contacts played a decisive role in the decision of Karls­ru­he's City Council to establish a city partner­ship with the Russian twin city of Krasnodar in 1992.

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 Timioara Cathedral

Following the political upheaval in Romania and upon the initiative of then city councillor Günther Rüssel, the establis­h­ment of a city friendship with Timio­ara/Te­mesch­burg was initiated. In 1997, the official establis­h­ment of the city partner­ship was ultimately completed.

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