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Karlsruhe: Welcome


Kinemathek at Studio 3

The goal of the Kinemathek is to publicise produc­ti­ons of the German and inter­na­tio­nal film and TV industry, to make them accessible to the public, and to impart knowledge on film history and technology. A children's cinema and seminars round off the programme.

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This cinema in the Südstadt district has a long-standing tradition and is known nationwide for its indepen­dent programme for which the Schauburg has been winning federal and state level awards for years. During the summer months, the Schauburg hosts open air cinema nights, charac­te­ri­sed by a special atmosphere in front of Schloss Gottesaue (Gottesaue Castle).

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Filmpalast am ZKM (ZKM Film Palace)

Featuring ten cinema halls and a total of 2,954 seats, the Filmpalast is the largest and most modern cinema in Karlsruhe. Generally, the programme features primarily the current cinema releases. On the technical equipment side, the cinema employs Sony Dynamic Digital Sound (SDDS), Digital Theatre System (DTS) and Dolby Digital.

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Universum City Center

The Universum cinema is a tradi­tio­nal inner city cinema in a central location at Europa­platz. It was refur­bis­hed not long ago, during which the five cinema halls were equipped with new seats.

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Die Kurbel

This tradition-rich inner city cinema offers three cinema halls. It was reopened in October 2010 and is now operated by a coope­ra­tive. The goal is to permanently maintain this 1957-opened cinema, which was then already cutting-edge and trend-setting, and to reconnect to the traditions and the vision of its founder Hubertus Wald.

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Children's cinema

Children's cinema at the Kinemathek

The aim of the Kinemathek children's cinema is to offer an alter­na­tive addition to the rich offering of enter­tain­ment in the media, to sharpen the percep­tiven­ess of "tomor­row's viewers", and to provide a kind of "visual education" offering practical value in everyday life. The programme consists of several unique film series and topics, including current (child­ren's) films as well as film history and offerings in the area of practical media work.

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Filmkiste (Box of Films)

The "Film­kis­te" is a children's and teenagers' film library and offers selected films for a young audience chosen on the basis of pedago­gi­cal criteria. It is operated by the Landes­me­di­en­zen­trum (State Media Centre) in coope­ra­tion with the Jugend­bi­blio­thek (child­ren's and teenagers' library) at the Prinz-Max-Palais. Both facilities offer films and books for loan.

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 Universum-City Kino (Universum City Cinema)

Universum-City Kino

The Universum-City Kino offers children and families a varied cinema programme at attractive prices. Additio­nally, the cinema regularly organises special events with great framework programmes and the Kino Kids afternoon for children to experience (www.kino-kidsclub.de). Young cinema lovers can celebrate their birthday at the Universum.

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