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Karlsruhe: Welcome

International festivals and event series

 Singer at the African Summer Festival

African Summer Festival

The annual African culture festival features perfor­man­ces by repre­sen­ta­tive music and dance groups from different African countries. Festival-goers get insights into the respective ways of life and are actively included through workshops and offers to parti­ci­pate in the action.

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The French film festival for children and teenagers goes on tour through Germany annually. For one week in over 90 cities large and small, students of all ages get the oppor­tu­nity to view French films in the original language with subtitles. Going to the cinema becomes part of French class, and is prepared for and analysed afterwards with the help of teaching materials.

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Deutsch-Französische Wochen (German-French-Weeks)

France and Germany are connected to each other, with only the Rhine separating them. Exhibi­ti­ons, readings, concerts, theatre and cinema are at the core of the festival and deepen the cross-border friendship.

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 Europäische Kulturtage - Poster

Europäische Kulturtage (Karlsruhe Festival of European Culture)

Sharing culture, knowledge transfer, breathing life into the idea of Europe. These are the goals of the Europäi­sche Kulturtage which the city of Karlsruhe and the Badisches Staats­thea­ter (Baden State Theatre) host every two years.


Fest der Völkerverständigung (Festival of Understanding Between Nations)

More than 50 inter­cul­tu­ral associa­ti­ons set up infor­ma­tion stands at the Marktplatz and offer inter­na­tio­nal delicacies to festival visitors. In addition, a varied inter­na­tio­nal cultural program awaits visitors.

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The culture festival brings together a large number of folklore and music groups from around the globe for a three-day-event at the heart of the city.

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Internationales Tanzfestival (International Dance Festival)

Every year in November, the cultural associa­tion Kultur­ver­ein Tempel e.V. hosts the Inter­na­tio­na­les Tanzfes­ti­val in coope­ra­tion with the dancing school Tanztri­büne. The cross-disci­pli­nary festival of modern dance is unique in Karlsruhe in this form, concen­tra­tion and quality. Since 2010, the festival is held not only at the cultural centre Kultur­zen­trum Tempel but also at the Zentrum für Kunst und Medien­tech­no­lo­gie (ZKM, Centre for Art and Media).

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Zeltival (Festival hosted in a tent)

Every year, the Tollhaus spices up the summer silly season with its already-a-cult-icon festival. The special atmosphere and high-quality program in particular guarantee wonderful evenings (in the tent).

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