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Karlsruhe: Welcome

Cultural encounters

 Woman wearing a traditional headdress at the Folkloria, a folk dancing festival in Karlsruhe

The wide-ranging inter­na­tio­nal cultural program in Karlsruhe makes experi­ences and exchanges in visual arts, music, literature, theatre, film and festivals possible  -  or even just inter­ac­tion between people. Apart from the Türken­beute (Turkish spoils of war), the Badisches Landes­mu­seum (Baden State Museum) focuses on cultural under­stan­ding in its collection "Welt­Kul­tur/Glo­bal­Cul­tu­re". The collection at the Staatliche Kunsthalle (State Art Museum) includes numerous works by French and Dutch masters.

Multilingual guided museum tours

Badisches Landesmuseum


Staatliche Kunsthalle

Badischer Kunstverein (Baden Arts Association)



Karlsruhe offers art lovers and museum fans many oppor­tu­ni­ties - from the Badisches Landes­mu­seum to the Natur­kun­de­mu­seum (Natural History Museum), from the Staatliche Kunsthalle to the ZKM | Centre for Art and Media.

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Xenia Theatre

Those who enjoy the theatre find a rich offering in Karlsruhe. The Badisches Staats­thea­ter and numerous small private theatres and amateur stages enrich the repertoire of the Karlsruhe theatre stages landscape.

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Some cinemas in Karlsruhe, parti­cu­larly the Schauburg and the Kinemathek, regularly show films in their original versions.

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Karlsruhe hosts quite a few inter­na­tio­nal festivals and event series.

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Twin cities

The city of Karlsruhe maintains relati­on­ships with its sister cities Halle, Nancy, Nottingham, Krasnodar and Timioara as well as with its project partner, the Croatian port city Rijeka.

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 Woman wearing a headscarf writing on a blackboard

Büro für Integration (Office for Integration)

The Büro für Integra­tion is an insti­tu­tion of the city of Karlsruhe. It is the central point of contact, infor­ma­tion and coordi­na­tion for immigrants (page in German).

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Woman wearing a headscarf writing on a blackboard

There is a large number of migrants associa­ti­ons and inter­cul­tu­ral organi­sa­ti­ons in Karlsruhe. The Inter­na­tio­na­les Begeg­nungs­zen­trum (ibz - Centre of Inter­na­tio­nal Encoun­ters) is a meeting point for non-German associa­ti­ons and for anybody else interested in cultural exchange.

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Amerikanische Bibliothek (American Library)

The Ameri­ka­ni­sche Bibliothek was a gift from the USA to Karlsruhe after the end of the deployment of American armed forces in the city.

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