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Karlsruhe: Welcome

Leisure and recreation


Current infor­ma­tion on sports in Karlsruhe, e.g. sporting events, popular and recrea­tio­nal sports, festivals, sport clubs (page in German).

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Theatre, gallery, or museum? Karlsruhe offers oppor­tu­ni­ties to enjoy a wide variety of cultural experi­ences (page in German).

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 Treed park

Around 40% of the territory of the city of Karlsruhe are protected areas, e.g. nature reserves, landscape conser­va­tion areas, European protected areas. Great precon­di­ti­ons for relaxed recrea­tio­nal activities in a natural environ­ment (page in German).

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With its more than 900 hectares of public parks, landscaped areas and green spaces, Karlsruhe is a city surrounded by nature as well as a city of gardens (page in German).

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 Swimming pool

Would you like to relax in the sauna? Looking for an indoor pool where you can also go swimming in winter? Here you will find infor­ma­tion on the indoor and outdoor pools and saunas in Karlsruhe (page in German).

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 Giraffe at the zoo

The Zoolo­gi­scher Stadt­gar­ten offers many leisure activities for children, teenagers and families and is a place for relaxation and recreation - right in the centre of the city (page in German).

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