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Karlsruhe: Verkehr und Mobilität

Public Transport

How do I use the busses and trams in Karlsruhe?

In the Karlsruhe region you only pay one tariff for a ticket that can be used on all city railroad, trams, regional trains, and bus lines that are operated by the Karlsruhe Verkehrs­ver­bund (KVV - this is the local transport authority). So one ticket will suffice for all methods of trans­por­ta­tion. You can obtain tickets from vending machines at the various stops. Tickets are also available from outlets in the market place, at the central train station and in the "Euro­pa­platz". If no vending machine is available, you can buy a ticket from the driver. Please note: The vending machines in the trams and trains do not accept bank notes, only coins. To be valid your ticket must be stamped with the current date before the start of your journey. This can be done by inserting your ticket into the yellow stamping machines found on all the transport services. In most cases, if you have obtained your ticket from a vending machine, it will have been already stamped.