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American Library Events


Children ages 3-5 years are invited to our Storytime in English every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 16.00.

Next Events: January 22nd , February 12th and 26th, March 11th and 25th, April 8th and 22nd



Join us every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 19.30-21.00 at the American Library for reading and discussing literature in English. For more infor­ma­tion call the American Library or simply stop by.

Next Events: January 21st, February 4th and 18th, March 3rd and 17th, April 7th and 21st


Poetry Please!

Poems in English read and discussed. Every 4th Tuesday of the month from 19.30-21.00. For more infor­ma­tion call Tom (0721/3540477) or the American Library or simply stop by!

Next Events: January 28th, February 25th, March 24th, April 28th


Stories for Kids ages 6 and up AND TeenTime

Chinese New Year!
Friday, January 24th at 16.15

Celebrate Chinese New Year with us! 2020 will be the year of the Rat – do you know what your Chinese Zodiac sign is? Sina and her mom Lisa, who is from China, will join us for the celebra­tion and bring some activities and games along so you can find out how Chinese New Year is celebrated. Please call ahead and reserve a place.


Stories for Kids ages 6 and up

The Cat in the Hat
Friday, February 7th at 16.15
Poor Sally and her brother. It's cold and wet and they're stuck in the house with nothing to do… until a giant cat in a hat shows up, trans­for­ming the dull day into a madcap adventure and almost wrecking the place in the process! Come join us to see what a mess they make before making some messy slime of our own (with the help of the teens). Please wear old clothes and bring a container with a lid to take home your slime.



Dungeons & Dragons Overnigh­ter
Friday, February 7th at 18.30- February 8th at 9.30
Calling all fantasy fans! Pack your tooth­brus­hes, your sleeping bags, air mattresses and fanta­sti­cal ideas. The promised and long awaited Dungeons & Dragons Night is finally here! Before we get down to some serious role playing and pizza eating we will be helping Claire and the Storytime crew to make slime.
Infor­ma­tion for parents: Teen Time starts as usual at 16:15. Those staying for Dungeons & Dragons should bring what they need for a sleepover and can be picked up at 9.30 on Saturday morning.


Just Books! Sale

Saturday, February 8th from 10.00-14.00
Are you interested in great second hand books in English? Then stop by for a spending spree and help us make space in our booksale room at the American Library! As usual, the proceeds will help the Friends of the American Library buy new media for the library! Please note that there won’t be a bakesale this time. Next Book and Bake Sale will be on May 9th!



Wednesday, February 12th at 19.30
Calling all cineastes: Watch and discuss classics, should-be classics and films you might have missed. Each featured flick comes from the library`s own collection and will be shown in the original language.

Today: Romance story set to songs by the Beatles…


Tea Time at the American Library

Saturday, February 15th from 15.00 - 17.00
Please join us for the very first Tea Time at the American Library. Sit down with a delicious cup of tea, scrump­tious scones and other tasty pastries, and listen to a few fabulous poems being read aloud as we long for the first signs of spring. Feel free to bring your own favorite poem (in English) and share it with us. Tea, scones and poems are for free - donations welcome!
To help us prepare, please sign up by calling the library (0721-72752) or letting us know during your next library visit.


Stories for Kids ages 6 and up

The Lorax
Friday, February 21st at 16.15
"Unless someone like you… cares a whole awful lot… nothing is going to get better… It's not." Long before saving the earth became a global concern, the Lorax, warned against mindless progress and the danger it posed to the earth's natural beauty. Come and join us hear this cautionary tale before joining in our environ­men­tal activity.



Games, Games, Games
Friday, February 21st at 16.15
Join Heather and try out a bunch of new games (in English, of course!) that the library bought for TeenTime. Have fun finding out about games like “Cranium”, “Taboo” and “Pictio­na­ry” while munching popcorn and drinking soft drinks.


9th American Spelling Bee Registration is open!

Deadline: Saturday, February 22nd at midnight
Kids born after July 30th, 2003 are cordially invited to parti­ci­pate in this typical American spelling contest. Learn 200 words in English, survive the written round and win a great prize (Tablet/E-readers, gift certi­fi­ca­tes, etc.) at the big final. All kids interested in parti­ci­pa­ting in the 2020 Spelling Bee should sign up now! Don’t miss your chance to parti­ci­pate in this fun challenge - spelling words in English!

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