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Karlsruhe: Bibliotheken

Veranstaltungen in der Amerikanischen Bibliothek

Please sign up for our events by phone 0721-7 27 52 or directly at the American Library.

Regular Events

for Kids

Are you from a bilingual family? Have you been living abroad and want to keep up your English? Have you moved to Karlsruhe and would like to meet other English speaking kids? Are you learning Eng­lish and would like to practice it a bit more? Then call ahead and join us for our fun storytimes:

Storytime in English

Children ages 3 - 5 years are in­vi­ted to our Storytime in English every 2nd and 4th Wednes­day of the month at 4 pm.
Please call ahead and re­serve a place (0721-72752)!

Stories for Kids ages 6 and up!

Join Claire and Julia twice a month on Fridays at 4.15 pm! We meet and read stories in English together. Usually we do a craft, game or other fun activity afterwards. Please find the next dates below and if you would like to come, please call ahead and reserve a place!

for Adults

LitNight in English!

Join us every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 19.30 - 21.00 at the American Library for reading and discussing literature in English. For more infor­ma­tion call the American Library or simply stop by.

Poetry Plea­se!

Poems in English read and discussed.
Every 4th Tuesday of the month from 19.30 - 21.00 at the American Library. For more ­in­for­ma­tion call Tom (0721-3540477) or the American Library or simply stop by!

Movie Talk

Calling all cineastes: Join us every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 19.30 for Movie Talk at the American Library in Karls­ru­he! Watch and discuss classics, should-be classics and films you might have missed. Each featured flick comes from the libra­rys own collection and will be shown in the original language (with Eng­lish subtitles). Free of charge - donations cheer­ful­ly ac­cep­ted. Further infor­ma­tion and the films titles (which we are not allowed to publish on the internet) at the American Library.



Spelling Bee Registration is open

Regis­tra­tion is now open for the 7th American Library Spelling Bee!
Kids born after July 27th, 2001 are cordially invited to parti­ci­pate in this typical American spelling contest “Spelling Bee”. Learn 200 words in English, survive the written round and win a great prize (E-book-readers, gift certi­fi­ca­tes etc.) at the big final! Regis­tra­tion deadline is Saturday, February 10th at midnight. Follow the link for further infor­ma­tion.

weiter zur externen Seite Spelling Bee Registration is open

Stories for Kids ages 6 and up

Owl Moon
Friday, January 19th at 16.15

“It was late one winter night, long past my bedtime, when Pa and I went owling” – this is how today’s storytime tale starts. Together we’ll join the characters in the book for an eerie walk in the dark woods.

After the story we’ll have a tricky owl quiz for you and do an owl craft. Please call ahead and reserve a place!


Stories for Kids ages 6 and up

Friday, February 2nd at 16.15

Lauretta's mother takes her to buy a new wheelchair, but Lauretta isn't satisfied with a regular five-speed or ten-speed model. No, she insists on the 92-speed, black, silver, and red dirt-bike wheelchair. When she gets a speeding ticket during a one-day tryout, her parents insist that the chair be returned to the store… until Lauretta's older brother has an accident and only one person can whisk him to the hospital on time - Lauretta, in her amazing wheelchair! Come to listen to our hilarious story before joining us for some fun. Please call ahead and reserve a place!



Wednesday, February 14th at 19.30

St. Valen­ti­ne’s Day in the year 1900 in Victoria, Australia: three school­girls and a teacher disappear during an excursion to the Outback… (Directed by Peter Weir, FSK: ab 12)

For more infor­ma­tion or to find out the film title which for legal reasons we are not allowed to publish on the internet, please call the American Library.