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Karlsruhe: Kultur und Tourismus

Women's Perspectives 2011


"20 Years of the Women's Cultural Festival! ... and in the Future?"

15th -17th April 2011

Frauenperspektiven 2011. Change-Wechsel

In 2011 the cultural festival Frauen­per­spek­ti­ven will celebrate its 20th anniver­sary. It boasts a history of varied and exciting festival programmes in which, parti­cu­larly during the last years, the focus has been on the art and culture of women from foreign - non-European - cultures. In the era of globa­li­sa­tion where cultures are getting closer and closer to each other, this was an important contri­bu­tion to inter­cul­tu­ral dialogue.

But a 20th anniver­sary is an oppor­tu­nity to ask ourselves whether women's cultural festivals are still of topical interest in the light of public debates about feminist positions. Do societies take notice of such festivals anyway? What will be their signi­fi­cance for the art and culture scene in the future? And what will be the conse­quences for the future orien­ta­tion of Karls­ru­he's festival Frauen­per­spek­ti­ven ?

These are the issues to be tackled during this year's conference. Instead of the usual two-week programme, a three-day conference will therefore be held in 2011, with the focus on inter­ge­ne­ra­tio­nal dialogue. During a variety of events including lectures, panel discus­si­ons and presen­ta­ti­ons of art and culture projects from the fields of music, the fine arts, literature, perfor­mance art and film, parti­ci­pants will be invited to discuss which subjects should be tackled by a women's cultural festival and in which form. The conference will be accom­pa­nied by a cultural fringe programme.