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Veranstaltungen in der Amerikanischen Bibliothek

Please sign up for our events by phone 0721-7 27 52 or directly at the American Library.

Regular Events

for Kids

Are you from a bilingual family? Have you been living abroad and want to keep up your English? Have you moved to Karlsruhe and would like to meet other English speaking kids? Are you learning English and would like to practise it a bit more? Then call ahead and join us for our fun storytimes:

Storytime in English

Children ages 3 - 5 years are invited to our Storytime in English every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 4 pm.
Please ­call ahead and reserve a place (0721-72752)!

Stories for Kids ages 6 and up!

Join Claire ans Julia twice a month on Fridays at 4 pm! We meet and read stories in English together. Usually we do a craft, game or other fun activity afterwards. Please find the next dates below and if you would like to come, please call ahead and re­serve a place!

for Adults

LitNight in English!

Join us every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 19.30 - 21.00 at the American Library for reading and discussing literature in English. For more infor­ma­tion call the American Library or simply stop by.

Poetry Please!

Poems in English read and discussed.
Every 4th Tuesday of the month from 19.30 - 21.00 at the American Library. For more infor­ma­tion call Tom (0721-3540477) or the American Library or simply stop by!

Movie Talk

Calling all cineastes: Join us every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 19.30 for Movie Talk at the American Library in Karlsruhe! Watch and discuss classics, should-be classics and films you might have missed. Each featured flick comes from the librarys own collection and will be shown in the original language (with English subtitles). Free of charge - donations cheerfully accepted. Further infor­ma­tion and the films titles (which we are not allowed to publish on the internet) at the American Library.



Starting in September 2016 you can see Malcolm Brook's won­der­ful kinetic sculpture "An American Celebra­tion" in the American Library. We thank the artist for generous­ly lo­a­ning his work to help celebrate the library's 20th an­ni­ver­sary.

Stories for Kids ages 6 and up

The Ghost Library

Friday, 28. October at 16.00

The ghost library is a library with no books! It's full of empty shelves where the ghosts go to listen to stories borrowed from unsuspec­ting children – until one night they try to borrow a book from Bo... Come and listen to our ghostly story before joining in with our tradi­tio­nal spooky Halloween party. Special prizes for those in costume. Please call ahead and reserve a place!

Hogwarts Library Halloween Night

Friday, 28. October from 19 to 22

Hogwarts students ages 9 and up are invited to our Halloween Night. The brave parti­ci­pants will have to excel in ghostly games and creepy crafts and will be able to achieve their First OWL (Ordinary Wizarding Level) Certi­fi­cate. The school cafeteria will provide some yucky refres­h­ments. All Hogwarts students should wear an appro­priate costume, but please refrain from bringing your owls. Tuition will be 2 Muggel Euros. Please call the library two weeks in advance to reserve a place. The lessons will be held in English and German.

Discover English Literature from Around the World!

In celebra­tion of its twentieth anniver­sary the American Libra­ry wel­co­mes you to discover English languages and litera­tu­res from all over the world. From November 2016 through November 2017 we will feature a different geogra­phi­cal and linguistic area for one month, whether in our regular activities (Storytime, LitNights, Poetry Please!, Movie Talks), in our book displays, or in special afternoon or evening events.
Join us for our world tour of islands, countries and contin­ent­s where English is spoken and literature is written in Englis­h! ­The series starts in November with the USA, events featuring the dif­fe­rent countries will be indicated with a little globe.


Wednesday, 9. November at 19.30

A thinly veiled, fictional account of Bill Clinton`s 1992 succesful presi­den­tial campaign, portraying the convoluted American electoral process, the role of money in politics and the workings of the Clinton political machine. Based on journalist Joe Klein`s (anony­mously published) roman à clef of the samt title.

Directed by Mike Nichols, 1998; FSK: ab 12

Stories for Kids ages 6 and up

A hen for Izzy Pippik

Friday, 11. November at 16.00

One day, Sahina finds a pretty little hen that a certain Mr. Izzy Pippik seems to have lost. Shaine takes care ot the hen and decides to wait for Mr. Pippik to return (despite the ideas the other villagers have for her chicken)...
Join us for a Baaaaaaaaaawk chicken story and craft! Please call ahead and reserve a place!